Some what inappropriate and not at all useful in the classroom

This first one is an accurate reflection of how I felt in Math class, and makes me think that that is what some of my kids feel like in French and Spanish class.


There are alot of funny, yet inappropriate creations on the Someecards website.


¡El español es tu pasaporte al mundo!

Tomorrow, May 10th, 2012, is the Ontario Secondary Schools Spanish Contest! I am super excited and super proud of all the hard work our committee has put into this year's event.
We are expecting approximately 140 students from 37 different schools in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Students will participate in a Listening and Writing Exam, a Speaking Exam and this year's cultural activities are an Afro-Cuban performance and workshop and a Flamenco workshop. I think those will be a great hit. I'm jealous as I will be holed up in the Marking Room and tallying scores, maybe I'll be able to sneak out and get in a dance or two.