The Running of the Bulls- Improv Everywhere

I love this group! They have some fantastic ideas for improv situations and everything they do just makes you smile, if not bust a gut laughing.
I happened to be talking about the Running of the Bulls with my Grade 12s as one of them painted a scene for her Art Project (will post later about that), and then I came across this.

Dijó ningún estudiante nunca

Here are some of my students thoughts.

Dijó ningún maestro nunca

Voilà, some of the student submissions.


Presente Perfecto + someecards

While going through the Presente Perfecto, I thought about having my students come up with some funny ecards. I've spent way too much time reading through these in the past and find them very entertaining.

They are to use the someecards website to make them. I will post some of them

The 2 titles were:
1) Dijo ningún estudiante nunca.

2) Dijo ningún maestro nunca.

Here are the two I made as an example.