Le Passé Composé flow chart

I use this flow chart to help my students find a way to sort out the Passé Composé. 
Before showing it to them, we do one together where I ask them to tell me what the thought process should be. It seems to help them figure out how to approach the conjugation, whereas prior to explaining it they tend to randomly conjugate it.
Please visit my TPT site to download a copy of the file. 

Master Chef Spanish Style

Tacos, churros, crema catalana, burritos, galletas, leche frita, jamón Grade 11s cooked up a storm while practising their Imperative conjugation. 
Recipes from the Latin food world were chosen by each group, ingredients purchased, recipes using the Imperative were neatly prepared and "memorised" and a lot of eating was done. 
For some, it was their first time trying anything like this and they all enjoyed each others' dishes. As you can see from the pictures, it was a very fun activity and each and every one has asked if we can do it again before the end of the semester.