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The Duke sets an example

Doesn't sound too shabby, now does he?

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This site is great as it can be used to create a reading comprehension activity such as the one I have displayed below.
You create the conversation, add a few comprehension questions, and away you go!
It took under 10 minutes to make this activity (for a change!) and it's visually appealing, looks different than our usual paragraph + questions. This look makes it somewhat more relevant to my students and its briefness will definitely hold their attention.

Ejemplo de preguntas de comprensión:

C    F  1. Amalia va a Ámerica Central.                        
C    F  2. Amalia va de vacaciones con toda su familia.            
C    F  3. Amalia va de vacaciones por un mes.                         
C    F  4. Amalia va a visitar a su abuelo.                                
C    F  5. Amalia va a pasear en bicicleta.                                
C    F  6. A José le gustaría visitar las islas Galápagos.              
C    F  7. Amalia le va a traer una camiseta a José.                   

Entering the world of QR codes

The possibilities are endless with QR codes and I will finally be venturing further into the technological world by attempting a revision lesson next week employing QR codes to replace me! I will report back on how it went by the end of the week, so, wish me luck!

For those who are new to the term QR code or who have never heard of it, here are three brief youtube videos providing simple descriptions in different ways.


Twext- A basic site that has a bank of songs, mainly in Spanish, which shows the lyrics on one side, with a translation into English below each line and a video showing the lyrics on the right. 
You can go full screen and have only the typed lyrics show or full screen the video.

Compfight- Picture finder

Locate the visual inspiration
you need. Super fast!

That is what Compfight says it does. It's a very simple and quick way to find images that can be incorporated into your presentations and assignments. You just type in a search word and it instantly brings up a plethora of images to choose from.

The Homework Generator

A simple little tool that allows you (or your students) to press a button and choose the format that their homework should be presented in. If you have an assignment or task that you can be pretty liberal with, this is a fun site to visit.


A bit of the Beebs en español et en français

I have not verified at all if these lyrics are correct, and at first glance some of it just doesn't seem right. What is a youd??

Justin Bieber- Baby (en español) 
Wooaah Ohh (3x)
Ya sabes que me amas, que la atención
Sólo nota cada vez, y voy a estar allí
¿Quieres mi amor, ¿Quieres mi corazón
Y nosotros nunca nunca se aparte
¿Somos un artículo? Chica dejar de jugar
Sólo eran amigos, ¿Qué estás diciendo
Dicho hay otra, Mira en mis ojos
Mi primer amor me rompió el corazón por primera vez,
Y yo estaba como
Bebé, bebé, bebé ohhh
Como el del bebé, bebé, bebé noo
Como el del bebé, bebé, ohh bebé
Pensé que el youd siempre será mío mío
Bebé, bebé, ohh bebé
Como el del bebé, bebé, bebé noo
Como el del bebé, bebé, ohh bebé
Pensé que el youd siempre será mío, el mío (oh oh)
Para usted, yo habría hecho lo que
Y yo simplemente no puedo creer, no es así
Y yo quiero jugar bien, pero me estoy perdiendo ¿
Te voy a comprar nada, te voy a comprar cualquier anillo
Y estoy en trozos, Baby arreglarme
Y así me agite hasta que "me despertaré de este mal sueño
Im que va abajo, abajo, abajo, dooown
Y yo simplemente no puedo creer que mi primer amor sería de alrededor.
Y yo soy como
Bebé, bebé, ohh bebé
Como el del bebé, bebé, bebé noo
Como el del bebé, bebé, ohh bebé
Pensé que el youd siempre será mío, mío

et parlant un peu de français



I couldn't resist

You know how you read a blog, you see a link to a site and then you end up spending way too much time reading this new site? That's what happened with Such a simple concept, yet I was hooked. I guess as a teacher, I couldn't resist. is a collection of images of funny answers given by students, on tests and exams mainly.

Here are a few of the Spanish-related examples that I came across, and then some that I couldn't help myself from including from other subject areas.