Infographics- have you ever seen one?

Visually, I find infographics fascinating. There are so many out there on every topic you can imagine. Now it's time to explore the possibility of using them in my classroom. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking that the project my kids do on a Spanish speaking country can be done via infographic...I will have to look into it.
Here's one for you (from Voxy, but found on this site) on what the most difficult language to learn is for native English speakers.
Romance languages are deemed to be “easy,” since there are so many similarities to English, amongst the "hard" category are Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean and on the "medium" list is Russian. Now, I took a Russian course for one semester at the London School of Economics, I speak English, French, Spanish and Romanian fluently, I studied German for 7 years, albeit from Grade 5 until the end of Grade 13, and Russian was most definitely hard for me. The grammar structures brought back memories of German class. Bottom line is, Russian class was hard. I don't think anyone would classify it as a "medium".

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