Master Chef Spanish Style

Tacos, churros, crema catalana, burritos, galletas, leche frita, jamón Grade 11s cooked up a storm while practising their Imperative conjugation. 
Recipes from the Latin food world were chosen by each group, ingredients purchased, recipes using the Imperative were neatly prepared and "memorised" and a lot of eating was done. 
For some, it was their first time trying anything like this and they all enjoyed each others' dishes. As you can see from the pictures, it was a very fun activity and each and every one has asked if we can do it again before the end of the semester. 


  1. would it be possible to share a little more regarding the expectations of your students? sounds like a super interesting/fun way to work with commands.


  2. Jenn,
    I usually start out by giving them some recipes that are written using the imperative and have them highlight the verbs, asking them how they think it translates into English. At this point they all think I'm going to bring in food for them! Then I do my quick lesson on the actual formation of the Imperative. We play Señora says with the Uds. form, then we talk about food in the Hispanic world, I explain to them what tacos are really like and show them pictures from my trips to Mexico. They get into group, choose a recipe that has to be approved by me, write it out in the informal imperative. And we set a date for their cooking. Each group is responsible to bring in their ingredients and to ensure that items are prepared in advance since we only have 45 minutes for actual coking time. I will be posting shortly about this year's class that we just did this activity in again. So much fun and so yummy! They love it!

  3. thanks so much! sounds awesome:) Looking forward to the pictures and, hopefully, undertaking something like with my students!