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This site is great as it can be used to create a reading comprehension activity such as the one I have displayed below.
You create the conversation, add a few comprehension questions, and away you go!
It took under 10 minutes to make this activity (for a change!) and it's visually appealing, looks different than our usual paragraph + questions. This look makes it somewhat more relevant to my students and its briefness will definitely hold their attention.

Ejemplo de preguntas de comprensión:

C    F  1. Amalia va a Ámerica Central.                        
C    F  2. Amalia va de vacaciones con toda su familia.            
C    F  3. Amalia va de vacaciones por un mes.                         
C    F  4. Amalia va a visitar a su abuelo.                                
C    F  5. Amalia va a pasear en bicicleta.                                
C    F  6. A José le gustaría visitar las islas Galápagos.              
C    F  7. Amalia le va a traer una camiseta a José.                   


  1. Cool idea! Never heard of this site before. Will try it out!

  2. LOVE it! Great idea :)

  3. On you can add funny text to many objects.