El Arte Pequeño

Using these fantastic scenes by artist Slinkachu (as well as here, here, here and here), we made our own version, but with a specific focus. I had my students depict a social problem that teens face nowadays and the talk about it in Spanish. 
I conveniently had a number of mini luchadores which I borrowed from my 2 year old, who was quick to notice that they disappeared from his playroom!
Students worked in pairs to design the details of their scene and then take a photograph. Every pair had to then answer the following questions. 
1) ¿Cual es el problema social?
2) ¿Cómo nos afecta?
3) ¿Qué podemos hacer para resolverlo?
I put all the photos in a slideshow and as their photo came up they presented their blurb. 
This worked very well, it was a quick 1.5 period activity which they were excited about. 
Sadly, there is a recurring theme in all of the scenes. Bullying. As a result, Spanish class turned into an English conversation class which took us across the topics of bullying, teen pregnancy, sex ed in schools, the distribution of condoms in school, things on the internet as a permanent thing and a number of other subjects. My Grade 10s, although not participating, were very aware and listening to the conversation throughout. I enjoyed listening to the views of my students and was interested to see the differences in opinions. 
Overall, a successful activity with an excellent class discussion. 

la intimidación

el suicidio

la intimidación

el estrés
la intimidación

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