Final art project in Spanish class

To cap off our art unit, my Grade 12s were finally able to share their projects with our Art Gallery today.
The project was entitled 'La Hispanidad en el Arte'. The premiss was to include an element (individually chosen) from the Hispanic culture and to include it in an art form of their choice. They had to record themselves as the artist and answer questions.
You will see in the pictures below that projects ranged from watermelons, to maracas, to a piñata and many more. The creative juices were definitely flowing. 
The questions each artist had to record answers to were: -->
1. nombre del artista
2. fecha de nacimiento
3. lugar de nacimiento
4. ¿Qué inspira tu arte en general?
5. ¿Cuándo te sientes lo más creativo?
6. ¿Por qué escogiste este elemento de la hispanidad?
7. ¿Por qué es importante este elemento de la cultura?
8. ¿Cómo se llama tu obra?
9. ¿Qué fue tu inspiración para esto?
10. ¿Cuánto tiempo duró para terminar tu obra?
11. ¿Qué material utilizaste?
12. ¿Por qué utilizaste estos colores?
13. Incluye cualquier otro elemento para describir la obra que todavía no has mencionado.
They all sent me the recordings, I uploaded them to our blog and labelled them as Artista #1, etc., then labelled the pieces of art on each table accordingly. Then they used the ipads and headphones to listen to the recordings.


As they did the gallery visit, they had to fill in the following information.
I really enjoyed the outcome of this activity. The pieces were fantastic as you can see. Having them listen to each other was a great way to expose them to other Spanish accents. Overall they had fun creating their pieces and seeing each other's work. Some even asked to take pictures of their peers' projects!

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