La Música Tribalera/Bota picudas

I like to start with a small unit on Music with my Grade 12s. It's a fun way to start off the semester, and it hooks them right away.
A few of the things I do is start with this short Powerpoint (the links are not working currently, but the videos are below)

 I start off by having them tell me about music in their lives related to instruments and types of music they listen to. We then watch the Intentalo video by 3Ball MTY.

They have to tell me if they noticed anything interesting clothing-wise. Usually the answer is the short dresses, and then the funky boots! So, we then start to talk about them and lead into this mini documentary.

To end of this lesson, I have them design their own boots, so out come the coloured pencils and off they go drawing! Next time we meet, they must explain their boots to the class and why they chose the design they did. 

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