This week's topic for Cuéntanos is "El momento más embarazoso de mi vida..."
Naturally I started it all of, although I won't reveal it here, it involves the work pedo. As the students walked in, they were greeted with the sounds of Ely Guerra, but on the board it said pedo=fart. Of course that caused a whole flurry of chatter and they were instantly desperate to know what my story would and began speculating. I told them the whole story in Spanish using actions at times to help with understanding and many were surprised they were actually able to understand the entire thing. I made it simple enough that they all actually laughed at a story I told in Spanish. For my class, that was a major accomplishment and I was so happy that they we were able to engage in that way. 
On another note, I found this via Pinterest and being very familiar with the nuances from Spanish spoken in Mexico, I quickly realised that I was very aware of all of these expressions. I don't think these are widely used in all the other Spanish speaking countries, but I may be mistaken. 
Nonetheless, it is entertaining.

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