Clothing Lesson

In our Grade 11 Spanish class we have been learning clothing vocabulary, so naturally to practise this vocab my student teacher and I brought in some of our own clothes. The activity was basic. The clothes were piled onto the tables, teams were created, what should have been the only 3 boys in the class were "the models" but one was sick so I had to step in (oh joy), sentences were read out à la "Fui a una fiesta y llevé una falda, un collar y una blusa.", then the team members had to rifle through the clothing, pull out the correct items, dress the model and yell out "Terminado". 
The activity was a huge success, minus a few complaints when the boys saw the bikinis on the table!  We even got in trouble from some of the other teachers who complained that we were too loud!
A very simple kinaesthetic activity, a great listening activity which allowed the students to verify understanding.
Identities have been concealed due to embarrassing factor of outfits.

Large size skirts +  thin boys= funny combination

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