Ahhh, the Spanish language

How can you not love it? Every country, every region with its own vernacular. One thing meaning something so innocent in one country and then something dirty in another; so here you are traveling around, thinking that what you are saying is totally innocent like "I can pick you up.", but what you are actually saying is...well, I'd rather not write it down on the PG rated blog!

That is why the song 'Qué difícil es hablar el español' by two brothers, Juan Andrés & Nicolás Ospina, is so fantastic. They sing about many different words and how their meanings change according to the country you are in. They are witty and comical and sound great. They are from Colombia and I remember having a prof in university from there as well and she had a very distinctly different type of vocabulary than mine, which I would say is a mix of Spanish from Spain and Mexico.

I would have loved to share this with my classes, but my students wouldn't understand it, as the level is quite advanced I would say, and at times it can be difficult to understand completely what they are saying (for me, that is).
Jaun Andrés has also done quite a bit of work in the jazz field of music and has composed and arranged music for a few artists. 

All in all, this is a very entertaining video to watch for those who have a great interest in the Spanish language. 


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