And I thought I was passionate about languages!

Have you seen this young man? 
Alex Rawlings, a second-year student reading German and Russian won a national competition in the UK to find its most multilingual student. He is 20 years old, a student at Oxford University and speaks 11 languages! I don't know to what extent he speaks each and every one of them, but from this sample of his abilities, he sounds amazing, at least in the languages that I am familiar with. 
Publisher Harper Collins bestowed the title on Rawlings as part of a nationwide search they launched last June in promotion of their new language and learning courses, according to the company's website.
I showed this to my Grade 9 French class today who were whining about revision of regular present tense verbs and not being able to remember the endings. 

Click on the image to watch the video from the BBC News website.

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