Calle 13- No Hay Nadie Como Tú

I always play music for my students as they are walking in to class, that is, if I can get there first! I also like to incorporate songs into my lessons based on the theme we are studying or the grammar. Sra. Birch from El Mundo de Birch wiki has compiled, and continues to do so on her own and with input from colleagues, an amazing list of Spanish songs. Not is it just a list, but it has categories by relevant topic/grammar point, which is just amazing! How little it takes to excite a Spanish teacher, eh?

Visitante y Residente de Calle 13
In my first year, Grade 10 Spanish class, we have been studying adjectives, and what better song than Calle 13's (you can never go wrong with them) and Café Tacuba- No Hay Nadie Como Tú.

I took 1.5 days to go through the activities, which were:

1. Listen to the song only. Answer the question: ¿Cómo es la canción en tu opinión? (feliz/contento, triste, enojado, loco, etc.)

2. Listening activity where I talk about the group en español, its origins, etc. and show the PowerPoint below, as they answer questions from the worksheet. Student and teacher copies included below.

Calle 13- Noy Hay Nadie Como Tú- Ejercicio Escucha- Estudiante

Calle 13- Noy Hay Nadie Como Tú- Ejercicio Escucha- Profesor

Calle 13- PowerPoint 
3. Listen twice and complete cloze activity. Filling in the gaps. (Some students freaking out as Residente sings quickly, but then shock themselves when they end up catching more than 2 words) Cloze activity included on page 2 of document above.

4. Underline the adjectives and decide if they are feminine/mascline and singular/plural.

The song was very well received and the activities went well, so I think I will definitely use this one again.

**Note: There are a few words in the song that some teachers may be uncomfortable dealing with. I had a quick word with my kids about maturity and what the song deals with and that I want no silly behaviour. They were perfect and didn't act like the 15 year old boys that they are.**

Calle 13 y Café Tacuba


  1. It is a good song I have on my own iTunes and I agree it is a great song with adjectives and descriptions. Personally, I don't feel comfortable with some of the words in the song, so I haven't used it. But good song though!

  2. I have really wanted to use this song and many other Calle 13 songs, but I have been hesitant because of some of the language. Here's to hoping that they can handle it!

  3. I love your ideas for using this song. I clicked on the links above, but they are broken. Help!

  4. I find this idea absolutely brilliant and will definitely use it in class. I wish I could peer through your student and teacher worksheet, as well as through the PPT, but the three links are broken. :( Can I have access to them elsewhere? Pretty please???