La Nourriture Vocabulaire- QR Code activity

These are the step by step instructions of how I put this activity together.

Step 1: Choose 8 food items.

Step 2: Think of a simple and obvious clue for each (en français). 
And those are:
1) Shaylan et Sebastian mangent beaucoup de ça en classe. =les bonbons
2) C'est un végétal orange. =la carotte (I know it's not, but writing légume would have caused confusion amongst the troops.)
3) Le matin on mange ça avec du lait. =les céréales
4) Quand il fait chaud, on aime manger ça. =la crème glacée
5) Tu dois boire 8-10 de ça par jour. =l'eau
6) C'est un boisson blanc. =le lait
7) Le fruit peut être rouge ou vert. = la pomme
8) Quand tu vas au restaurant rapide tu bois ça.= la boisson gazeuse

Step 3: Open Kayway QR Code Generator. Here is where each individual QR Code will be created. (Or Google another QR Code Generator of your choice.)

Step 4: As I entered a text clue and not a link to a website, I clicked on Text
Step 5: Type your text. *If your activity involves QR Codes linking to websites, make sure IN ADVANCE, that your students are able to use a data plan.

Step 6: Click the Generate button.
Step 7: Et voilà! Your QR code appears in the box to the left.

Step 8: Right click on your mouse/mouse pad and 'Save Image' to wherever you want.

Step 9: Just type over the previous text and hit Generate again to create a new code. Repeat this for however many you need.

Step 10: Open a Word document. 

Step 11: Insert as many text boxes as needed according to how many QR Codes there are. (I always work with text boxes so I can easily manipulate my images.)

Step 12: Number your text boxes.

Step 13: Insert each QR Code into its own text box. You can play with it to make it bigger or small. I made them relatively big so that the kids didn't have to get too close and squish each other. I chose to place 2 QR codes per sheet. Which I later cut in half prior to taping to the wall.

Step 14: Keep track of all the clues and what number they correspond to and the answer. (I didn't initially, but the clue is so easily accessed, it didn't affect the lesson, however, for a colleague I printed out all the info as she does not have the necessary mobile device.) But anyway, you will want to keep it as a reference in your resources.

Step 15: Print your Word document. Cut the pages in half. Tape around the room so there is space if there is a crowd.

For your students:

1) Only those who have access to free apps on their mobile device (iphone, itouch, Android, Blackberry-can be done with a laptop as well) can download the QR Code Reader.

2) Have them search a QR Code Reader in their App Store and make sure they choose a FREE one. (On my iphone, the one I've found to be the best so far is i-nigma.

3) Once the app is downloaded, open it.

3) Hold up the mobile device so that the QR Code is within the boundaries of the screen. (Just like a camera.)

4) With some apps, you have to click on a button that takes the picture, with i-nigma it automatically recognises the QR Code when it is on the screen.

5) The text or website that you linked to will pop up on the screen.

6) Figure out the clue. Write the French word on the sheet. 

In case you didn't see the actual worksheet that they were working with, here it is again. 

La Nourriture Vocabulaire- QR Code Activity

And here are the QR Codes. Don't forget that my #1 clue is specific to students in my class, so if you use these, be sure to create a new QR code for that one.

La Nourriture- QR Codes

Hopefully you have found this helpful. I'm pretty sure that I didn't forget a step, but if anything is unclear, let me know.

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