Breaking Bad en Español

Look what I found!!! It's just the trailer, but there are a whole lot of verbs in this clip in various tenses. I haven't thought of what to do with it yet, but I thought I would share the clip for now regardless. 

I know the show is inappropriate and I won't be sitting down to watch it with my students, however I am conscious of the fact that most of them watched the series and loved it. In fact, it was my first year Spanish Grade 10 class who insisted that I start watching the show in the first place. It all started when I asked them to come up with a team name and the name they chose was the Pollos Locos- no wait, maybe it was the Hermanos Locos or Pollos Hermanos, or something Armados. Despite this having happened barely 2 months ago, I can't remember. Anyway, I asked how they knew those Spanish words and they said from Breaking Bad, then they eventually convinced me to watch and catch-up on all the episodes on netflix. Little did I know the series would end before I could watch them all, so as I was still finishing Season 2, I disappointed all my kids by watching the final episode! I'm sidetracking now.

It is a Colombian production and it is called Metástasis. Word has it that it is practically identical, the plot line, the script, the costumes, everything.

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