Every year I say I'm going to do a variation of Show & Tell in my Spanish classes and I never actually do it. This year I made sure that I started right away in the first week so that it becomes a part of our daily routine. Every week is a different topic, we keep track on our class blog. And every week I vary the rotation of students. We call it Cuéntanos.
So far we've had Mi objeto favorito, mi pedazo de ropa favorito, mi juego favorito, mi película favorita and I've lined up mi sitio web favorito, mi hashtag favorito. When possible, such as in the object and clothing sections, they are to bring in their item to share and pass around, otherwise we project an image on the board of what they are talking about.

I typically schedule 3-4 students a day, that way we finish them all in 5 days. What they have to is very basic. Answer the questions:
1) ¿Qué es?
2) ¿Por qué es tu _______ favorito?
3) ¿De dónde es?/¿Quién te lo compró/regaló?
4) Otro pedazo de información

This allow those who work at a Level 3, average, complete the basic requirements, but those who would like to work at a level 4 can do so by extending their sentences and providing more information.
By doing this, I am guaranteed that every students gets to speak (albeit limited) Spanish every week. Those few I have who will never contribute during a regular day, now have no choice. I also like that it allows them to work on their public speaking skills. I was a nervous wreck in high school when I had to get up in front of the class, and although I'm sure I would have hated this activity to
start off with, eventually I would have gotten used to getting up there on a weekly basis. I think it is very beneficial for them. We keep it very casual, and they know the routine, we come in, settle down, and someone usually offers to go first and get the party started.
Right now, they've been reading what they have prepared, but I've told them that for the next round I would like them to work on memorising more so that it becomes more than just a reading activity. I would like them to become confident Spanish speakers, and I can already a difference in some of them.
I've really had a good time with this so far. By the way, I also participate in Cuéntanos every week by doing the first one for every topic. I've already learned quite a bit and been surprised a few times. For example, today I found out that one student's favourite game was NHL 14, but I didn't even know he had an interest in hockey. I've only ever heard about him talk about BMX. I've even seen him at the skate park when I've taken my own son. And I've taught this young man for three years! Others brought in instruments as their favourite and I didn't know they even played any. I believe the others are enjoying these little slivers of their classmates life that we are being exposed to, which we may have not otherwise known about.

Does anybody else do anything similar in their class? I'd love to hear about your experiences or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the activity.

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