Bieber Fever Notebook style

Have you ever been to Mr. Smart Trainer's site? It's so creative! According to his profile, John Mein is a sixth grade Language Arts and Reading teacher in Kerrville, Texas and a certified SMART board trainer as well as a SMART Exemplary Educator. On his site he shares SMART Notebook files that you can modify to fit any topic, usually involving a question and answer format, BUT the fantastic thing is that he creates them using very relevant, up to date imagery/topics. 
I happened to be surfing the net 2 nights ago, it was about midnight and I came across his site. When I found the Justin Bieber file, I couldn't resist. I stayed up just a bit longer because I just had to use it with my Grade 9 Academic French classes the next day! We are doing review for an upcoming unit test so I used the Bieber game to practise the passé composé with avoir

*Note* This is the MAC version of the file. On the Mr. Smart Trainer site, near the bottom of the post, there is a PC version you can edit.

Here is my "Baby" (sorry, couldn't resist). 

Main screen

Example of a question once you've clicked on a Bieber

Example of answer screen once you've clicked on the curtain

You can use mine and edit it, or get a blank version of Mr. Smart Trainer's site
To edit: 
- click on a Bieber (this will take you "on to the stage"
- double click in the box where I have my "passé-composé-infinitive example"
- select the curtain to the right and move it over so you can access the answer
- double click in the speech bubble to edit the text
- return the curtain back to its original spot
- click on the spotlight to return to the main page
- repeat

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