Los Kunas- Spanish Class Presentation

As my students begin their projects on the "Making of Latin America", I decided to model what I expected from them and chose to present to them about the Kuna people who have been around since before Christopher Columbus arrived. Below is the slideshow that I used and I will post the pictures from the activity that followed later on.

My students were very interested throughout my entire presentation and I invited them to ask questions at any point, and boy did they have a lot of questions! They were dead quiet (which is rare for this bunch!) as I spoke, but posed thoughtful questions and were very curious. I'm so glad I did a lot of reading prior to presenting to them. They were fascinated by the Kuna way of life and how they are still able to continue their traditional ways. It is a completely different world than that of my students and they expressed how they would not be able to cope with living the same way, but admired the simplicity of their lives and how hard working the Kunas are.

I encourage you to use some or all of my slideshow if you'd like to teach your students about the Kuna people. There is of course more information out there, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet.

My fonts didn't keep during the transfer to slideshare so I've attached the PDF version as well as well as a link to my original file.

PDF Version of Los Kunas

Los Kunas PowerPoint with original font

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